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          山東凈之源凈化工程有限公司 山東凈之源凈化工程有限公司 專注凈化工程服務商
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        3. 制藥廠建立凈化工程的重要性

          來源:http://www.zhilahua.cn/ 發布時間:2022-05-25
          The importance of operating room construction must be clearly understood by everyone. Have you found that when medical staff rescue, they will pass through an electric door touched by their feet, so what is the name of this door? How does it work? What should we pay attention to in the construction of the operating room?
          In fact, it is called medical airtight door, which is a kind of door in hospital wards, but it is mostly used in operating rooms, ICU Wards, laboratories, neonatal wards and other places requiring high cleanliness. Most operating rooms use electric induction doors, foot touch doors, etc. to reduce contact infection. If there is a power failure, you can choose a special handle, which can be opened with a small push and pull force. When building, the airtight door is equipped with a safety sensor, which can effectively prevent the door from hurting people.
          The airtight door has special functions, which has the advantages of airtightness, wind proof, dust prevention, etc. the construction of the operating room adopts heat insulation and sound insulation materials to make the airtight door, which not only enhances the decoration and beautification of the overall environment, but also improves the safety. The advanced control technology and safety protection measures are used to avoid people being deepened and make the electric door more safe and reliable.
          So what is its working principle? In order to prevent the isolated space from convection with the outside air directly, a certain negative pressure is constructed in the isolated space, resulting in the pressure in the isolated space being less than the outside pressure. Therefore, the outside world uses the air pressure to close the airtight door tightly, protect the excellent sealing and impermeability, and avoid external pollution of the indoor environment.
          What should we pay attention to in the construction of the operating room? The air tight door of the operating room includes: LED intraoperative light, foot induction switch, equipped with air tight three frames, brushless retention motor, window, 304 stainless steel anti-collision belt, etc. before construction, check whether the accessories are complete. First, assemble and fix the three frames, national fixed track, and then fully install the safety light, door body and ground wheel, safety belt, etc. after construction, power on for testing to see whether the air tight door is completely installed.
          Hospitals frequently go in and out of various patients every day, so there will be a lot of bacteria and viruses in the hospital. Even if these viruses can't be seen by the naked eye, we can't take it lightly. And the operating room is an important place. During the construction of the operating room, it needs to be strictly sterile and clean. At this time, the airtight door of the operating room should be used to isolate some bacteria and viruses.
          Through the above article, you can clearly understand the content of the problem. I believe that after reading this article, you can have a more in-depth understanding of the product and the matter. In the future, if you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to our official website http://www.zhilahua.cn , please feel free to contact us if you need anything.
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